J. Reuben Clark Law Society
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Why You Should Join

If you are a US attorney, a law school graduate, a legal professional in another country, or a student studying law who supports our mission statement of religious conviction, public service and professional excellence, the J. Reuben Clark Law Society is a truly unique organization meant for you.

Your general membership in the Society is free and gives you professional association and mentoring; leadership opportunities; access to our online-searchable database;  invitations to educational events--including lunches, dinners, firesides, symposiums, continuing legal education presentations, webinars, and conferences; service opportunities; ethical support; networking; participation in Sections dealing with areas of law of interest to you; employment assistance; and the chance to learn more about issues important to people of faith, such as religious liberty and helping those in need.  All of this takes place in association with others who share similar views as outlined in our mission statement.  Our website, social media outlets, and e-mail communications supports our members with helpful thoughts, articles, newsletters, videos and other publications, including access to the award winning Clark Memorandum as well as information about events and resources that are often of interest to our members.

President James E. Faust said,

Our lawyers need to be more than successful advocates. We need to bring our sacred religious convictions and standards to the practice of law. To do otherwise would bring an inconsistency to our character. There always needs to be a connection between having an involvement in the law and living the gospel.

The Law Society helps those in the legal profession do just that.  So, review our website to learn more, fill out the application and join with others who support our mission statement.