J. Reuben Clark Law Society
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Membership Committee

Jonathan J. Toronto
Zimmer Biomet
10225 Westmoor Dr.
Westminster, CO 80021
Phone: 9526935606

Vice Chair:
Jeremiah J. Morgan
9115 North Stark Court
Kansas City, MO 64157
Phone: (816)781-1775

Courtney Elizabeth Hagge
County Commonwealth's Attorney's Office
5201 Monticello Avenue
Suite 4
Williamsburg, VA 23188
Phone: (757)564-2277
Fax: (757)564-2288

Operations Committee Liaison:
Virginia Tate Isaacson
850 Lindy Lane
Huntingtown, MD 20639
Phone: (410)414-7457

Young Lawyers & Student Chapters Committee Liaison:
Rebekah-Anne S Gebler
Farris & Utley
2107 W. Sunset Blvd
2nd Floor
St George, UT 84770
Phone: (508)654-4429

Committee Member:
Terry L. Higham
Barton, Klugman & Oetting LLP
350 South Grand Avenue, Suite 2200
Los Angeles, CA 90017
Phone: (213)621-4000
Fax: (213)625-1832

Committee Member:
Terry L. Higham
Barton, Klugman & Oetting LLP
350 South Grand Avenue, Suite 2200
Los Angeles, CA 90017
Phone: (213)621-4000
Fax: (213)625-1832

Mission Statement

To build, maintain and extend Law Society membership around the globe, by: (i) promoting the mission of the Law Society and associated virtues of membership; (ii) inspiring best membership development and record-keeping practices at the chapter and international level; (iii) conducting recruitment and outreach initiatives; and (iv) effectively liaising with the Chapter Relations Committee and other key Law Society stakeholders.

Best Practices

Our most effective Law Society chapters are keenly focused on retaining, growing and tracking chapter membership. Particular emphasis is placed on both qualitative and quantitative growth of chapter membership.

Best Practice Tips:
  1. Maintain an accurate membership roster.
    1. This is done by listing all current members by name, and regularly updating each member's contact information.
  2. Share current membership roster with WebDirect.
    1. In an effort to connect local chapters with the national and international law society, it is important that chapters regularly update their membership records with the JRCLS database maintained by WebDirect.
    2. WebDirect is a team of technologically savvy students at BYU who provide upkeep for the JRCLS web page, and maintain the JRCLS directory with complete membership records.
    3. Please direct all updated rosters, and any technological inquiries to WebDirect at webdirect@law.byu.edu
  3. Ensure that chapter members are properly registered on JRCLS.org
    1. Model chapters ensure that chapter members are properly registered on the membership directory maintained at JRCLS.org.
    2. Membership is free, and open to all law students, recent law school graduates, and practicing attorneys.
  4. Invite new members!
    1. Inspired chapter leaders devote their best efforts to recruitment of new members, working with local law schools, priesthood leaders, and other key stakeholders to identify and invite prospective members to join the Law Society.
    2. Please refer to the link to page with membership resources for tools to assist in this initiative.
  5. Inspire your fellow members
    1. Effective leaders also help each member of the chapter answer for himself or herself what membership in the Law Society means, helping individuals to connect with and emulate the mission of the Law Society.


How has your membership in the J. Reuben Clark Law Society blessed your life?

Jonathan Toronto -  Membership Committee Chair

It would be impossible for me to overstate the influence for good that the Law Society has had on my life. From my earliest memories of Law Society meetings and leadership conferences, I am flooded with memories of extraordinarily capable women and men of the law taking an interest in an ordinary attorney from (at the time) Minnesota. These giants filled me and the other young "mentees" also new to the Law Society with the vision, hope and confidence that our little contributions might, someday, make a real difference for good somewhere out there in the Lord's vast and precious vineyard.

Over the years, these JRCLS friendships and associations have only grown, just as have the quality of Law Society events and programming--all of which have strengthened my own capacity as an attorney. Ultimately, because of my membership in the Law Society I want to be a much better person--striving to practice (and preserve the rule of) law, and serve others, in a manner that would be pleasing to the Lord. I want to do more to recognize the sanctity of and to preserve religious freedom. I want to help lawyers, law students and other friends to do the same. I know of no other bar or legal society with so much potential for good within our profession!

2016 Leadership Conference in Aspen Grove

Jeremiah Morgan - JRCLS Membership Committee Member

I was fortunate to see the value of the Law Society very early on in my professional career. And it has been a tremendous blessing and influence in my life and associations. There are amazing people that I would never have known but for the Law Society. I have also had experiences that would never have happened if I had not become involved in the Law Society. Here is one example: As a young lawyer I was able to go to the Law Society's leadership conference at BYU and Aspen Grove. While there I met people who would influence my life and with whom I continue to have strong and lasting friendships. In fact, I just went to South Africa with my wife on a vacation and spent several days in the home of a Law Society member that I met at one of my first leadership conferences.

I have also witnessed wonderful acts of service. While on a visit to Law Society members in Brazil I was privileged to participate in a service project for elderly residents of an institutional home. To see the initial desperation on their faces and the light and hope that came from visitors who were both people of faith and also legally trained was inspiring. I will be forever changed as a lawyer because of experiences like these.

Rebekah-Anne Gebler - Young Lawyers & Student Chapters Committee Liaison

I was able to join the Law Society as a 2L at BYU when I became part of what was then the Student Chapters Board. Although I was attending a law school that was mostly LDS students, I appreciated the Law Society in my life because it gave me the opportunity to reach out and talk to students who were at law schools from all over the Mountain West.

I remember attending the Leadership Conference at Aspen Grove and hearing one woman talking about how she thoroughly appreciated the support she received from the Law Society in her decision to go to law school and practice law. I was touched by her sincereness and desire to be a mother but also her desire to pursue something she felt prompted to do for society. Women in the law have the true “balancing test” between motherhood and career-hood and I believe the women in the Law Society share ideas on how to make this possible.

I believe the Law Society helps me understand others' perspectives within the law better and I think lawyers of all faiths and beliefs can and do benefit from participating in this worldwide legal organization.

Courtney Hagge - JRCLS Membership Committee Secretary

As a 1L at William & Mary Law School, I was faced with many exciting, yet daunting changes: living across the country from family, transitioning from my comfortable surroundings at BYU-Idaho, and finding a balance between being a wife and full-time law student. Walking into my first JRCLS meeting was like a breath of fresh air. I was welcomed by warm, pleasant colleagues who immediately made me feel at ease and shared my passion for preserving religious freedom, serving others, and maintaining ethics in the practice of law. My continued participation in the society helped me remember those passions and the whole reason I came to law school, especially on particularly challenging school days. I made lasting friendships, networked with wonderful mentors, and gained valuable experience as I learned from distinguished speakers at JRCLS events.

The law society has continued to be a huge blessing in my life as a practicing attorney. It's easy to lose perspective on why we do what we do, especially in the demanding practice of law. But, each time I attend JRCLS functions - especially the Annual Conference in February and Leadership Conference in October - I interact with attorneys who inspire me and re-fuel my passion. I've been blessed to meet incredible women who have shared how they juggle the demands of balancing work and family life; inspirational leaders in religious freedom and public service; and other lawyers who have helped me learn by their example of being honest, down-to-earth “unsung heroes” in the community. I am so grateful for the law society's positive influence in my life!

2018 Annual Conference in Salt Lake City2016 Annual conference in San Diego

Additional Photos from JRCLS events

Hiking Stewart Falls at the JRCLS Leadership Conference in Aspen Grove 1Hiking Stewart Falls at the JRCLS Leadership Conference in Aspen Grove 2