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Student Chapters Board

Braden Wayne Asper
5450 Lauretta St
Apt 5
San Diego, CA 92110
Phone: 2084034599

Area Rep- Asia:
Ian McKinley
Not Available
Phone: 443-691-8585

Area Rep- Australasia:
Paul Andrew Rota
Not Available

Area Rep- Australasia Chair-Elect:
Hemi Terrence Alema Arthur
18 Deseret Rd Temple View Hamilton
Hamilton, Waikato New Zealand 3218
Phone: 0211257779

Area Rep- Europe:
Joel Nikolai Wallace
Not Available

Area Rep- North Atlantic:
Cory Alan Chipman
5044 Eisenhower Ave. #418
Alexandria, VA 22304
Phone: 8015004337

Area Rep- US South Central:
Benjamin Scott Lamb
Not Available

Area Rep- US Southwest:
Todd Gee
Not Available
Phone: 480-845-2955

Area Rep-Elect - Australasia:
Hemi Terrence Alema Arthur
18 Deseret Rd Temple View Hamilton
Hamilton, Waikato New Zealand 3218
Phone: 0211257779

Conference and Events Rep:
Stacey Wright
Not Available

Media Rep:
Scott Richards
Not Available
Phone: (571)766-6247

Membership and Technology Rep:
Blake Aaron Treu
Not Available

Regional Rep- Americas West:
Stephen Blaine Archibald
Simpson Law Offices
207-2 Athabascan Avenue
Sherwood Park, Alberta Canada T8A 4E3
Phone: 780-449-1606

Sections Rep:
Clayton Lyman Sevy
8218 Calico Canyon Dr
Tomball, TX 77375
Phone: 831-252-1392

Service and Outreach Rep:
Angela Belle Kennedy
Not Available

Vice Chair - Americas Central:
Andrea Sheree Prigmore
7250 South Kyrene Road
Tempe, AZ
Phone: 8014585427

Vice Chair- Americas West:
Andrew Bledsoe
Not Available

Vice Chair- Atlantic Region:
Starleigh Smith
Not Available

Vice Chair- Australasia/ Europe:
Rost C Olsen
1919 3rd St
Sparks, NV 89431
Phone: (775) 343-6416

Best Practices

1. The purpose and mission of student chapters of the Law Society are the same as those of the attorney chapters of the Law Society.

2. As students learn the law and ethics of law in school, a student chapter can help them recognize the strength that can be brought to the law by personal religious convictions.

3. Student chapters can, through public service and excellence, promote fairness and virtue both in the study of the law and in the law community around them.

Working of Committee

Helping and inspiring law students throughout the world - The Guatemala City Student Chapter:
"We all walked out that night, after the broadcast of the annual fireside, knowing we were doing an important work in our lives and with the understanding that we need to work hard, apply the principles of honesty and integrity in everything we do, and to persevere in all our doings. In the Lord's time we will be ready to serve as an instrument in His hands for the good of our fellow men. In our discussion at the end (after the fireside), we all agreed that there is much more to be done and felt reassured of the improtance of our work and service in the JRCLS Guatemala City Student Chapter."
Sergio Romero - Guatemala City University College of Law - Guatemala City Student Chapter President


1. How many students are members of the JRCLS?


2. How many student chapters are there total?


3. Which student chapter has the largest membership?


4. Which is the student chapter with the second largest membership?

Phoenix SL

5. How many student chapters have only 1 member?


6. When was the SCB created?


7. Who was the first SCB Chair?

Michael Myers

8. Which country has its own SCB area?


9. Which U.S. State has the highest number of student chapters?


10. How many committees does the SCB currently have?




What is the Student Chapters Board (“SCB”)?

The SCB is a group of student leaders selected annually from the Student Chapter membership to steward the needs of law students around the world. The SCB is generally responsible for holding regular meetings with, counseling, training, and otherwise supporting student leaders, communicating the problems and successes of Student Chapters, and planning regional, national, and international student events, conferences, and training for new presidents.

Why should I join the SCB?

An active Student Chapter can help students realize the benefits of Law Society membership at the earliest stages of their legal career, thereby building habits of applying personal religious convictions to the study and practice of law, and integrating Student Chapter members into the broader fellowship opportunities offered by the Law Society.

Do law students get a chance to interact with attorneys on a regular basis?

Yes. A group of lawyers is commissioned by the Law Society to support the SCB and the Student Chapters. Attorney counterparts are responsible for providing training, guidance, and counsel to student leaders, including the SCB, and ensuring the continuity of Student Chapters during student leadership transitions. In addition, they help to facilitate student-lawyer interaction by working closely with “lawyer advisors” assigned by the local Lawyer Chapters to work with Student Chapters within their geographic boundaries.

What are the SCB responsibilities? How is it organized? 

The SCB consists of a Chair, four Vice-Chairs, Student Leaders assigned to areas, Committee Chairs, and other Student Leaders as designated by the Chair. In addition, throughout the year, Student Chapter Presidents or members may be asked to participate on various SCB committees. These committees include Public Service, Media, Publications, Membership & Technology, Finances and Women in the Law.

The SCB Chair is responsible for managing all activities of the SCB, and for assigning roles and functions to the other members of the SCB. There is a nomination process for the SCB Chair and SCB Members.  

The SCB meets on a regular basis by telephone conference call or in-person. The SCB Chair plans the agenda, sends notification of the meetings and conducts the conference calls.

What is the role of Student Chapters?

Student Chapters of the law society are and can be established at any law school in the U.S. or abroad where there is a sufficient number of law students who want to be members of the law society. Students should consider a number of factors in deciding whether or not to submit an application for the creation of an officially recognized Student Chapter within the Law Society.

How do Student Chapters Interact with Local Lawyer Chapters?

Student Chapters will be most successful if they interact with an established Lawyer Chapter of the law society. The Lawyer Chapter should appoint a member of its board to be a liaison with the Student Chapter; otherwise the Lawyer Chapter chair or his or her delegate will be responsible for liaising with the Student Chapter. The Student Chapter President or his or her delegate should also be invited to serve as a member of the Lawyer Chapter’s board.

The Student Chapter and the Lawyer Chapter should actively communicate with each other and work together when appropriate. When possible, personal attendance is encouraged. Student and lawyer leaders are also encouraged to conduct conference calls and use other available technology to ensure broad participation in their leadership meetings and other activities.

Student members should be included in Lawyer Chapter events to the full extent possible. It is recommended, at a minimum, that Student Chapter members be included in the Lawyer Chapter’s annual dinner.

In cases where a change in student demographics results in a lack of students to serve in a leadership capacity over a Student Chapter, the Lawyer Liaison should take a more direct role in supporting and sustaining Student Chapter activities until the necessary leadership roles can be filled. If there are no student members at a particular law school, the Lawyer Liaison should continue to act as the president of the dormant Student Chapter, and keep informed as to any entering or transferring students who may be interested in becoming members of the Law Society, at which time the Student Chapter would be reactivated.

How are Student Chapter Activities organized?

Student Chapter activities should take into account the interests, family obligations, economic situations, and educational time demands of the members of the Student Chapters. Student Chapter Presidents should inform SCB Regional Representatives and local Lawyer Chapters of their planned events, in order to encourage participation by both students and lawyers. In addition, planning joint events with nearby Student Chapters is encouraged where possible.

Each Student Chapter should plan at least one public service activity each year to take place on an annual Public Service Day sponsored by the SCB. Student Chapter Presidents should work closely with the SCB Public Service Committee Chair in planning this event.

What are the responsibilities of Student Chapter Members?

The officers of the Student Chapter, the lawyer advisor, and members of the Student and Lawyer Chapters should actively seek out potential members of the Student Chapter through personal invitations, publicity, open-house events, speaker presentations, social events, and information at law student events. [LINK to Fourteen Ways to Find Potential Members for Your JRCLS Student Chapter or other suggestions] In addition to looking for potential members among LDS law students and BYU graduates, those involved in recruiting should consider any law student who supports the philosophy of the Law Society and its mission statement. Students and lawyers are not required to be members of the LDS Church to be members or officers of the Law Society.

In order to ensure that Student Chapter members are able to receive communications from the Student Chapter, from the local Lawyer Chapter, and from the SCB, all students wishing to join the Student Chapter must register on the Student Chapters website (http://students.jrcls.org) in order to become a member of the Student Chapter.

How are Student Chapter Presidents trained?

The Law Society maintains a number of checklists and other resources to facilitate the role of Student Chapter Presidents in developing and managing the affairs of the Student Chapter. These checklists and resources are available at http://students.jrcls.org/chapter/resources.php, and should be reviewed on at least an annual basis by Student Chapter Leaders and Lawyer Liaisons.

In addition, Student Chapter Presidents and Lawyer Liaisons should maintain a Student Chapter Management and Continuity Plan that is specific to their Chapter/region. A copy of all documents related to this Plan should be provided to the Lawyer Liaison at the end of each school year by the Student Chapter President.

What happens to SCB Members once they graduate?

Law school graduates should no longer be members of a Student Chapter, but should instead transition into membership in the Lawyer Chapter closest to their place of employment.

Upon graduation from law school, a Student Chapter member will be contacted by the Law Society asking them to confirm their contact information and their desire to participate as a professional member. Accordingly, it is imperative that law students update their contact information to provide a permanent email address before the end of the school year. SCB members and Chapter Presidents should contact each graduating member in their assigned areas before finals and invite them to update their contact information on the Student Chapters website.


Our monthly highlight: UMKC 
"The smaller group is from our Annual Dinner.  We took a picture with all the women attorneys, judges, and law students that were in attendance.  Before the dinner, we had a student reception with students from University of Missouri-Kansas City, University of Missouri-Columbia, and Washburn University.  Then we joined the attorneys for dinner (BBQ, of course, we are Kansas City after all!) and heard from Zel Fischer, a member of the Missouri Supreme Court.
The second photo is a picture of an event that our student chapter did last year.  We worked with a Young Woman from one of the local wards (ok, my daughter), who wanted to organize a trip to the law school for her YW project.  We ended up having about 45 young women and leaders from three stakes in Missouri and Kansas attend.  The Student Chapter got donations from the law school, BloombergLaw, and Westlaw to make goodie bags for the girls.  Then members of the Student Chapter gave tours of the school that ended in the court room where a member of UMKC faculty and JRCLS member, Rana Lehr-Lehnardt, spoke to the girls about gaining knowledge."

By Amy S. Hill, 3L, UMKC-School of Law, JRCLS Student Chapter President


Are you interested in joining the SCB for year 2014-2015? Contact the SCB Chair today at rvieira@byulaw.net.