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Leadership Conference 2015

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Congrats JRCLS - Portland Oregon Chapter, here's our recognition for receiving the Quality Chapter Award! #‎jrclslead2015

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'Having a great time at the J. Reuben Clark Law Society Leadership Conference at Aspen Grove. #jrclslead2015'
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Congratulations JRCLS - Portland Oregon Chapter, we just received the quality chapter award at the annual leadership conference! #‎jrclslead2015


" One of the great things about being a lawyer is that you don't have to be a battalion. One lawyer can make a difference." --Elder Stephen Lund#‎jrclslead2015

Chuck Jensen
October 2Edited

The distractingly beautiful backdrop to the conference ?#‎jrclslead2015?

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Another from Elder Snow's presentation. ?#‎jrclslead2015?

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Opening luncheon for the JRCLS leadership conference. I'm looking forward to a great conference ?#‎jrclslead2015?

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Chuck Jensen
October 1Edited

Listening to a wonderful talk by church historian, Elder Snow.?#‎jrclslead2015?

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Mike Lee accepting the outstanding chapter award for the Los Angeles chapter for the seventh year in a row! ?#‎jrclslead2015?

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So, 200 lawyers are in a room...the start of a bad joke ;-)#JRCLSLead2015

Great crowd at the leadership conference. #jrclslead2015



Elder Snow gave a great talk yesterday on church history at Aspen Grove. #jrclslead2015