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The Conference and Events Committee has five main areas of responsibility. The committee oversees the Annual Fireside held in January at the Conference Center in Salt Lake City. The committee also recuits chapters to host the Annual JRCLS Conference held over President's Day Weekend in February. This includes helping the local chapters plan, find sponsors, print the programs and any other support required to manage the conference. The committee helps plan a week of CLE classes at BYU's Education Week in August. The committee also organizes the annual Leadership Conference held the Thursday and Friday before the October General Conference at BYU and at Aspen Grove. This conference trains local attorney and student chapter leaders and the JRCLS board members. Finally, the committee provides support to any regional conferences hosted nationally and internationally.

Additional conferences are overseen by other committees such as Women in Law, Religious Freedom Committee, etc. Information regarding those conferences can be found on their history pages.

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