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LDT Projects

We are working hard to help you in your assignments in the Law Society. If you are not currently a leader in the Law Society, we urge you to consider committing to becoming a leader in your local chapter. Great things are happening at the local level, especially in the areas of service, religious freedom, and mentoring of students around the world.  
In addition to the primary LDT objectives outlined above, some of the LDT’s current or future projects are:
o    Leadership training videos from local chapter leaders on our own YouTube channel
o    Identifying strong chapters or chapter leaders who are willing to serve as mentors to new chapters in the US and internationally (please see survey here to volunteer) [LINK]
o    Leadership training on the in-development Law Society dashboard, a program to help chapter leaders keep the website current.
We would love to hear any suggestions for the LDT to improve in its mission of assisting local leaders.  Please feel free to contact us by email [LINK] with any ideas or proposals for future projects.