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JRCLS Leadership Orientation and Resources

To assist Chapter Leaders in being successful in their new role, the LDT has prepared materials that we invite each new Leader to complete as a New Leader Orientation, and we offer to all leaders for ongoing growth and development. Beginning in 2019, a one-hour review of these materials by Chapter leadership will be a requirement to receive the Quality Chapter or Outstanding Chapter Award.
        1. A special JRCLS Leadership Manual has been prepared to help new leaders navigate the ins and outs of establishing and         operating a successful chapter. The manual is available in various languages including English, French, Spanish, Portuguese,         and Russian, and can be accessed here: (LINK)  

        The manual provides guidelines on many facets of JRCLS Leadership, including:
        ·         Building a membership base
        ·         Organizing a Board of Directors
        ·         Planning Activities that serve others and promote Religious liberty
        ·         Setting goals to achieve Quality or Outstanding Chapter Awards

        2. The LDT has prepared a number of Leadership Development Modules (several of which are in Spanish, with other languages to come), which we encourage you to review and adapt to your own chapter’s needs: (LINK):
        ·         Chapter Creation and Development
        ·         Religious Freedom
        ·         Service and Outreach
        ·         How to Build “Women in Law” in Your Chapter
        ·         Young Lawyer and Student Chapters
        ·         Latin America Liaison
        ·         Why I Love the Annual Leadership Conference

        3. The LDT has also prepared a series of short videos highlighting elements of successful JRCLS leadership, based on the         shared wisdom of chapter leaders around the world, which can be accessed here: [LINK]  

        If you have suggestions for materials you would like to share with the Law Society, please contact the LDT:  [LINK]