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JRCLS Leadership Orientation and Resources

To assist Chapter Leaders in being successful in their new role, the LDT has prepared materials that we invite each new Leader to complete as a New Leader Orientation, and we offer to all leaders for ongoing growth and development. Beginning in 2019, a one-hour review of these materials by Chapter leadership will be a requirement to receive the Quality Chapter or Outstanding Chapter Award.
  1. A special JRCLS Leadership Manual has been prepared to help new leaders navigate the ins and outs of establishing and operating a successful chapter. The manual is available in various languages including English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Russian, and can be accessed here: (http://www.jrcls.org/?folder=chapters&page=chap_manual)
The manual provides guidelines on many facets of JRCLS Leadership, including:
·         Building a membership base
·         Organizing a Board of Directors
·         Planning Activities that serve others and promote Religious liberty
·         Setting goals to achieve Quality or Outstanding Chapter Awards
  1. The LDT has prepared a number of Leadership Development Modules that we encourage you to review and adapt to your own chapter’s needs, which can be accessed here: (LINK):
·         Chapter Creation and Development
·         Religious Freedom
·         Service and Outreach
·         How to Build “Women in Law” in Your Chapter
·         Young Lawyer and Student Chapters
·         Latin America Liaison
·         Why I Love the Annual Leadership Conference

  1. The LDT is preparing a series of short videos highlighting elements of successful JRCLS leadership, based on the shared wisdom of chapter leaders around the world, which can be accessed here after the October 2018 Leadership Conference:  [LINK]
The LDT is in the process of compiling materials on inspirational and effective leadership for JRCLS leaders, which will be available here: [COMING SOON].  If you have suggestions for materials you would like to share with the Law Society, please contact the LDT:  [LINK]