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Role of the Leadership Development Team

The Law Society has grown from a small group of attorneys in 1988 to a worldwide society of more than 200 Attorney and Student Chapters.  Our membership is now blessed with amazing diversity, including chapters in urban and rural settings, speaking many languages, operating under widely varying government and legal systems - some with hundreds of members, many with only a few members scattered across several counties or countries.  This growth has provided tremendous opportunities and challenges. 
The Leadership Development Team was created to develop and share leadership strategies and resources to help local leaders to fulfill the unique mission of the Law Society:
We affirm the strength brought to the law by a lawyer's personal religious conviction.
We strive through public service and professional excellence to promote fairness and virtue founded upon the rule of law.
As the JRCLS has grown, established chapters have helped new chapters grow, often with the assistance of the LDT.  Some of those new and developing chapters are now providing inspiring examples of building and growing around the core missions of the Law Society.  The LDT is committed to marshalling the experience and wisdom of its members to build and sustain chapters around the principles that make the Law Society a unique association and a force for good in local communities around the world.
The LDT is currently responsible for:
(1)   Welcoming new chapter leaders with a New Leader Package, including a leadership manual, training materials and links to additional resources;
(2)  Helping new leaders to complete a short orientation course including materials and videos;
(2) Developing and maintaining the Leadership section of the Website;
(3) Working with the Chapter Relations Council to develop and conduct effective leadership training at the annual Leadership Conference in early October, and increasing attendance at the Conference;
(4) Developing and expanding the Atkins Scholarship to help remote chapters, both international and domestic, attend the annual Leadership Conference;
(5) Working through the Chapter Relations Council structure (Regional Vice Chairs, Area
Directors and Assistant Directors) to provide ongoing training to chapters in need of leadership development, including connecting similar chapters to provide mentoring or joint support.