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JRCLS Chapter Guidelines

The following guidelines may assist chapter leaders in planning and carrying out educational events on religious liberty:

    1. While the law society appreciates efforts to strengthen religious freedoms around the world, we are not a lobbying organization and therefore we do not attempt to influence legislation, rules, or regulations as an institution.

    2. Ideas for potential speakers can be obtained from members of the Religious Freedom Committeee or from other chapters who have sponsored successful symposia, conferences, and lectures. Experiences of chapters that have sponsored events focused on religious liberty can be seen on the JRCLS Members in Action tab. Additionally, links to groups involved with religious liberty will be added in the future.

    3.In planning and carrying out events, chapter leaders are encouraged to invite participation of legal organizations and others who affirm the great importance of religious liberty.

    4. Invitations to events can and should be broad-based. In addition to invitations to lawyers within the local bar, chapters are encouraged to invite government, community and business leaders as well as inter-faith groups, local ministers, etc.

    5. In planning religious liberty events, chapters are encouraged to focus on broad principles of interest to all religious groups and other organizations that care about religious liberty.