J. Reuben Clark Law Society
California Modesto Chapter
In the early 1980s, Gary Anderson and William Mussman Sr., together with others, formed the Northern California Chapter of the Law Society. Chapter events were difficult to hold frequently due to the distance between chapter members, so the JRCLS Executive Board agreed to pilot a San Francisco subchapter to increase the feasibility of events. The San Francisco subchapter was successful and additional subchapters were created in East Bay, San Jose, Palo Alto, Sacramento and Modesto. In 1999 the Northern California Chapter was officially dissolved and each subchapter became a chapter in its own right. William Mussman III, who was instrumental in the San Francisco pilot, became the first Chair of the Modesto Chapter. Other instrumental founders of the Modesto Chapter include Steve Sidwell, Scott Dorius, Drew Rowe, and Michael Abbott. As a Chapter, Modesto’s annual event has always been centered around the annual fireside.