J. Reuben Clark Law Society
Nevada Las Vegas Chapter
Pro Bono Legal Services Program
The Las Vegas Chapter has partnered with Legal Aid of Southern Nevada (LACSN) to provide a coordinated program of volunteer attorneys who assist the needy as referred by LDS Bishops.
A common practice in LDS communities is for Priesthood Leaders to search out LDS attorneys with whom they are acquainted to provide legal assistance to ward members. The Pro Bono Legal Services Program (the Program) provides a more organized alternative to the current approach and is not dependent on the Priesthood Leaders’ acquaintances or the ward or stake boundaries of the needy person. Although the Program is not a guarantee that an attorney will be available for every request, the program will provide Bishops with greater access to legal resources.
The Program is not intended to supplant the good work performed by LACSN and other fine organizations. Rather, the purpose is to provide greater access to legal services for the needy and make available additional opportunities for attorneys to provide pro bono assistance.
The Program is also not intended to disrupt working relationships between Bishops and attorneys in their wards. Those attorneys may continue to provide that assistance and utilize the resources available through this Program. In the alternative, they can refer Bishops to community legal resources or ask the Bishops to contact the Program for assistance.

Program Contact Information
            Dena C. Smith, Pro Bono Committee Chair

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