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J. Reuben Clark Law Society - Greater New York Chapter

Attorney Mentorship Program

Program Overview & Objectives

The Greater New York Chapter of the J. Reuben Clark Law Society has created an Attorney Mentorship Program to help encourage the professional and personal development of practicing attorneys and law school students in the New York City area.  The program seeks to establish relationships between experienced attorneys, young attorneys and law school students that will provide the attorneys and students with a resource they can turn to for information, advice and support as they pursue their professional and personal goals.

Volunteer Mentor Directory

Each year the Greater New York Chapter compiles a directory of 10 to 12 attorneys who volunteer to serve as mentors to young attorneys and students who presently practice or aspire to practice law in the New York market.  The directory is comprised of attorneys from a variety of different law firms, practice areas and law schools.  The volunteers provide their name, contact information, firm name, practice area, law school, and undergraduate university to the mentorship program coordinator, who then compiles the list of volunteer mentors into a master directory.

Student Chapter & Law School Relationships

The mentorship program coordinator contacts JRCLS student chapter presidents and career services directors at law schools across the country, and provides them with a copy of the directory.  Student chapter presidents and career services directors are instructed to make the directory available upon request to students or attorneys who have expressed an interest in pursuing a career in the New York area.  The directory is not distributed publicly.  Students and attorneys are encouraged to identify an attorney in the directory with a similar background or practice area interest, and reach out to them to set up an initial phone call or meeting.

Mentor Responsibilities

Volunteer mentors are asked to commit to one phone call or meeting per quarter with each attorney or student they agree to work with, and to be accessible for occasional questions via e-mail.  Attorneys and students are asked to prepare thoughtful questions and topics for discussion prior to contacting their mentors, and to be respectful of their mentors' time and other commitments.  Mentors and mentees may discuss topics such as resume writing, interview preparation, recruiting advice, selecting a firm or practice area, evaluating lateral career moves or offers to work abroad, developing management or leadership skills, and other topics of professional interest.  Attorneys and students are also encouraged to seek the advice of their mentors with regards to finding suiting housing arrangements, relocating to or from the New York area, balancing professional and personal commitments, and other topics of personal interest.

Involvement in Local Chapter & National JRCLS Events

Mentors are encouraged to invite the attorneys and students they work with to attend local chapter events and national JRCLS events and conferences.  Chapter lunches or evening events are organized each summer in connection with law firms' recruiting and interview period to allow attorneys and students visiting the New York area to meet attorneys in the local JRCLS chapter.  Attorneys from the Greater New York Chapter also volunteer to speak at law schools and conferences about their particular practice area and life as an attorney in the New York market.