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Welcome to the Greater New York Chapter student information page. The Greater New York Chapter of the J. Reuben Clark Law Society is an active organization of lawyers who are interested in recruiting and retaining the best and the brightest law students to work and live in the New York City area.

The information below is designed to familiarize you with our chapter and help prepare you for legal employment opportunities in New York City.

NY Chapter Activities

The Greater New York Chapter provides valuable networking and other opportunities to its members. We host regular speaker’s lunches and a number of events each summer for the benefit of summer associates and law students who are employed or seeking employment in the New York City area. Greater New York Chapter members also participate actively in national JRCLS events, including the annual conferences and satellite broadcast and co-host student-organized events at the various local law schools. Traditionally held events include the following:

Speakers Lunches—organized 4 times a year for lawyers and local law students (past speakers have included New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman; the Hon. Jay Bybee, U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit; Timothy Flanigan, former Deputy White House Counsel; William F. Atkin, Associate General Counsel--International, for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints; LaVell Edwards, former BYU football Head Coach; Thomas Griffith, U.S. Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit; David Neeleman, former CEO of JetBlue; David Checketts, former President of Madison Square Garden; Gary Crittenden, former COO of Citigroup and CEO of Citi Holdings, Elder David Cook, Area Seventy and Partner at Nixon Peabody)

Annual Summer Associates Lunch—organized in early July of each year; brings together LDS lawyers and summer associates working in New York.

Annual Summer Associates Barbecue—organized in early August of each year; shows law students and summer associates some of the suburban lifestyle options outside Manhattan for lawyers working in Manhattan.

Early Interviewing Days Information Sessions—organized with practicing lawyers at various law firms, investment banks and other companies in Manhattan, allowing law students to ask questions about interviewing and landing a job at a New York legal employer.

New York
Law Firm Information

  1. NALP Directory of Legal Employers (This free site allows you to search law firms by location (e.g., New York), size, salary, etc. and will output the data in a form that you can use in a mail merge.)
  2. Vault Reports (This service provides detailed information about and rankings of law firms (e.g., New York firms) by associates. Some of the information costs money, but it may be worth the investment.) We highly recommend purchasing a hard copy of The Vault Guide to the Top 100 Law Firms and/or The Vault Guide to the Top New York Law Firms in researching firms and preparing for interviews. The Vault Guide to Resumes, Cover Letters and Interviews and The Vault Guide to Financial Interviews are useful in preparing for law interviews. Your law school career services office may also provide complimentary access to Vault’s online content.
  3. FindLaw’s Infirmation (This service provides salary information at firms across the country.)

Interviewing Tips

New York Interviewing Strategies

Other Resources:

Interviewing 101

How to Excel in Law Firm Interviews

Interviews: Strategies for Overcoming Barriers

Resume Tips

We encourage you to place a high priority on preparing and perfecting your resume. Law firms receive literally thousands of resumes each year and will spend initially only a few seconds looking at your resume. Poor formatting that fails to prominently state your best qualifications, grammatical errors, misspellings or typos will prevent you from getting an interview for a job you might otherwise be qualified. You should solicit comments from different people throughout the process of preparing your resume. Your resume should be reviewed and redrafted in the context of seeking a legal job. For very helpful tips on preparing your resume, we recommend that you purchase The Vault Guide to Resumes, Cover Letters and Interviews. In addition, see the various articles below for guidance on preparing a legal resume.

In preparing your resume, keep in mind the “30 second /2 inch rule”—many potential employers will look at your resume for no more than 30 seconds and your most impressive relevant qualifications should be in the first 2 inches at the top of your resume. We frequently see resumes where a candidate, who is fluent in a high demand language or has background in a field that is in high demand, seems to hide these qualifications in a small bullet at the bottom of the page, assuming that the reader will scrutinize the resume. Your resume shouldn’t save the best for last!

Other Resources:

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Sample Cover Letter

Information about Living and Working in New York City

Living in New York: Myths vs. Facts

Other Resources:

Official NYC Web Site

NYCs Official Tourism Website

Metropolitan Transportation Authority

Student Chapters

The New York metro area is home to several of the nation’s top law schools, several of which have functioning JRCLS student chapters with which the Greater New York attorney chapter regularly interacts. For more information on the student activities in New York, or to find contact information for student chapter presidents, visit the JRCLS Student Resources website.

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