Updates and Inspiration--Volume 17: Issue 4



  • Upcoming Religious Freedom Conferences 
  • Save the Date for Annual Women in Law Conference 
  • Cash Prizes Available for Student Writing Contest

Upcoming Religious Freedom Conferences

March 12 in Denver.  The Freedom of Religion Symposium will be held at the University of Denver Law School in Denver, Colorado on Saturday, March 12 from 1:00-5:30 pm.  For more information and registration, visit https://sites-hollandhart.vuturevx.com/74/941/compose-email/religious-freedom-weekend-workshop.asp.   

March 18 in Boise.  A Freedom of Religion Conference will be held at Concordia Law School in Boise, Idaho on Friday, March 18.  For more information, contact Russ Spencer at russell.j.spencer@gmail.com. 

March 25 in Orange County.  The 12th Annual Religion & the Law Symposium will be held at Chapman University Law School in Orange County, California on Friday, March 25.  For more information, visit http://jrcls-oc.com/religionandthelawsymposium.php.     

March 26 in San Francisco Bay Area.  A Religious Freedom Conference will be held at the University of Santa Clara Law School in Santa Clara, California on Saturday, March 26.  For more information, contact Jeff Adams at jadams@littler.com.


Save the Date for Annual Women in Law Conference

The 4th Annual JRCLS Women in Law Conference will be held on Saturday, April 30, 2016 at Utah Valley University in Orem, Utah.  This year's theme will be "Women, Law, and Leadership."  Stay tuned for more detailed announcements on topics, speakers and panelists.  CLE available for a minimal fee.  For more information, contact joni.jamison@gmail.com.


Cash Prizes Available for Student Writing Contest

Attention students:  Cash prizes are available for students who submit papers to the Founding Fathers Writing Competition hosted by the DC chapter of the JRCLS and the International Center for Law and Religion Studies.  The first place prize is $4000, second place is $3000, third place is $2000, and there are four $1000 honorable mention awards.  The deadline is July 1, 2016.  Details are available at http://jrcls.org/site/files/2016WritingCompetitionFlier.pdf.


Inspirational Thought

"Those who feel accountable to God have a responsibility to live upright lives of service to God and our fellowman, to obey the law, and to be good citizens, neighbors, and friends in all we do. As we do so, ordinary citizens and government officials alike will be more inclined to see the value of religion and to respect the basic principles that allow us to freely live it. There is no better demonstration of the great benefits associated with religious liberty than for devoted members of various faiths who feel accountable to God to model principles of integrity, morality, service, and love. As others see the goodness of individuals and families--goodness that is founded in strong faith and character--they will be much more likely to speak up in defense of the religious freedoms that allow us to be who we are." 

—Elder Quentin L. Cook, 
(Lecture given at Notre Dame Sydney School of Law, Sydney, Australia, May 27, 2015)


Please send announcements to megan.jayne.nelson@gmail.com.


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