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JRCLS Asia-Pacific Conference

The Brisbane Chapter is sponsoring the Australasia Conference on Queensland's Gold Coast from June 10-13, 2011.  Registration information and further details can be found at http://www.goldcoast2011.net. If you have any questions please contact Russsell Leneham at QueenslandChair@jrcls.org.


Getting to Know You

We want to get to know everyone in the Law Society better.  One way is to help those of us who don't forget a face, but names slip out of our grasp.  Please send in a headshot to WebDirect@byu.edu to be added to our JRCLS photo directory.  We want to see your smiling face!


Inspirational Thought

[A] representation should not be abandoned because a client's legal position is extremely unpopular in certain quarters. Defending unpopular positions is what lawyers do. The adversary system of justice depends on it, especially in cases where the passions run high. Efforts to delegitimize any representation for one side of a legal controversy are a profound threat to the rule of law. Much has been said about being on the wrong side of history. But being on the right or wrong side of history on the merits is a question for the clients. When it comes to the lawyers, the surest way to be on the wrong side of history is to abandon a client in the face of hostile criticism.

—Paul D. Clement

Former US Solicitor General


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