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Religious Freedom Materials Available on JRCLS Website

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Elder Christofferson recently counseled JRCLS members to “become informed about existing and potential threats to religious freedom.” (Spring 2015 Clark Memorandum) Elder Hales extended the invitation to all members of the LDS Church when he encouraged members to “become informed. Be aware of issues in your community that could have an impact on religious liberty.” (Spring 2015 LDS General Conference)  How can you quickly become educated about religious freedom?
The Religious Freedom Subcommittee page of the JRCLS website has a number of resources to get you started on your quest to become informed. Resources include:
·       Recent Apostolic counsel regarding religious liberty
·       Quotes about religious liberty from Church and world leaders
·       Summary of the current state of the law
·       Summaries of important religious liberty Supreme Court cases
·       Links to additional resources
·       Specific advice about what you can do to promote religious freedom
The Religious Freedom Subcommittee portion of www.jrcls.org can be found under the “Committees” tab.  Check it out today.

Posted: 2015-05-18