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Law Society's "Build and Extend" Membership Drive a Great Success

During the 10-week period spanning from January 23, 2015 to April 3, 2015, Law Society chapters all over the world participated in our historic Build and Extend Membership Drive, with the purpose of expanding our reach around the world.  The results of this effort are in and we are excited to see the positive growth this initial effort is making in strengthening our foundation.
Law Society members will be interested to know that at the beginning of the campaign, total membership among attorneys and students was approaching 13,500 and by the end of this short 10-week campaign our ranks expanded to nearly 14,000 members.  This represents nearly 4% growth in just over two months of dedicated focus!  In considering these positive results, we are also motivated by the fact that there are many chapters and universities where we are only beginning to scratch the surface as to total potential membership as well as accurate accounting of our current membership.
As Membership Campaign Chair, Jonathan Toronto, explained, “It is exciting to see that with this initial, focused membership drive, inspired by our international leadership, we’re already yielding a significant harvest.  We’ve learned a great deal about our membership through this effort and look forward to further advancement of the ‘Build and Extend’ vision in the months ahead—with a total membership goal of 15,000 members by our next Annual conference in early 2016.”
International Law Society Chair, Jeremiah Morgan, added, “we are so appreciative of the many different chapter and international society leaders who made a special effort to answer the call to ‘Build and Extend’ this magnificent Law Society.  One clear finding in this campaign is that individual Law Society members can make a huge difference in strengthening the reach and ultimate influence of the Law Society.  When I stop to consider our inspired mission and our potential to be a positive influence around the globe, I am anxious to see us continue this important effort of updating and expanding our membership in every chapter of The Society.  Every member is critical to our success.”
If you haven’t yet invited someone to join the Law Society in 2015, please take a moment to do so this week!  If you have further questions or ideas as to how best to strengthen Law Society membership in your area, we strongly encourage you to contact your chapter chair, a member of the International Board or Jonathan Toronto.  Thank you.  

Posted: 2015-06-02