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Women are Natural Entrepreneurs

You are a natural entrepreneur and you may not even know it. You don’t have to have franchised your first lemonade stand when you were 10 years old to fit into this category. For many reasons,  LDS women in particular have the talent, skills and ingenuity needed to start their own businesses. LDS women contribute financially to the household income almost as much as women do nationally if you include part time and full-time work (48% v 52%). Some of us are working to make ends meet, and others are working for the love of the job.

Today, more LDS women in particular are creating amazing, successful businesses than ever. When you own your own business, you are the boss. That means you set your own hours, terms, and rules of the game. This really is enticing for those of us nursing babies, raising a gaggle of ankle biters and teens or caring for elderly/ ailing family.

Sarah Davis (Founder and CCO of Fashionphile) will talk about 6 reasons why LDS women in particular make great entrepreneurs.

  1. We are industrious
  2. We know how to work
  3. We know how to fail
  4. We know what to prioritize
  5. We know how to lead
  6. We know how to organize

Every family dynamic, stage in life, economic situation, and God-given skill set will lead to a different result. But the outcome will be the same. The contribution and the impact of LDS women worldwide will expand both inside and outside of the home and even in the church in ways that are consistent with the blessings and opportunities given to us by our Father in Heaven.

Please feel free to share this information with anyone who may be interested. You don’t have to be a BYU graduate or a graduate at all to join the conversation. This topic may be just what one of your friends or family needs right now. Pass it along!

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Posted: 2017-11-08