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Women in the Law: The Importance of Education for LDS Women

On Wednesday, September 30, 2009, the JRCLS Student Chapters Board hosted “Women in the Law” at Brigham Young University. Elder John K. Carmack, Executive Director of the Perpetual Education Fund, addressed BYU undergraduates, current law students, and attorneys on the topic "The Importance of Education for LDS Women." Elder Carmack's full remarks are available here.

Elder Carmack asked, “Why is education so important when we know that many great men and women, including some in most of our families, haven’t been to college, yet have contributed wonderfully well in all aspects of society?”

The answers:

  • A woman may end up either early or late being the primary bread winner for her family, or for herself.
  • Aside from that practical point made above, education can help women fulfill their life’s roles, including rearing children, at the highest level of which they are capable.
  • Women also gain fulfillment and satisfaction from improving their minds and skills.
  • As we will point out, with an education, women are more likely to fulfill their duties as citizens, pay their fair share of taxes, vote intelligently, give voluntary service in their communities, and develop a sense of self worth and self reliance.
  • Education helps women achieve excellence in Church and community service.
  • Through achieving educational goals, they experience joy and fulfillment.
  • Education opens opportunities in matters where education is a required condition.
After Elder Carmack’s remarks, a panel of female LDS attorneys discussed "How a Law Degree Prepares Women to Contribute in the Church, Family, and the Community." Nancy VanSlooten, Chair of the JRCLS Executive Committee, moderated the panel discussion with attorneys RonNell Andersen Jones, Megan Gee, Sheila McCleve, and LeAnn Wheeler as panelists.

Posted: 2009-09-30