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The 6th Annual Orrin G. Hatch Distinguished Trial Lawyer Lecture Series

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About the Orrin G. Hatch Distinguished Trial Lawyer Lecture Series

Five years ago, James W. Parkinson ('76), Judges Dee V. Benson ('76), Paul M. Warner ('76) and Douglas P. Miller (Pepperdine '78) and Professor Michael Goldsmith combined their efforts to create this program. Their hope was to inspire law students and educate them on the basics of trial practice.

The program was named after Senator Orrin G. Hatch who is a former trial lawyer and was Chair of the senate Judiciary Committee at the time. Senator Hatch has been involved in all the major decisions affecting the judicial system in the US for the last 30 years. He attends the program every year and actively participates.

To be on the program, a speaker must be a well known, exceptional trial lawyer or judge. Organizers of the lecture series have had great success in attracting trial lawyers and judges from around the world.

Program Sessions include:
Keynote Address: "Why I Am a Trial Lawyer" Panel discussions and demonstration topics:
  • What Role Should Religious Beliefs Play in the Judicial Decision-Making Process?
  • The Essential Art of Trial Preparation
  • Direct and Cross Examination of an Expert Witness
  • Secrets of a Successful Trial
Continuing Legal Education Available
This event has been approved by the Utah Bar Association for 3 credits. Cost is $100 for non-students. For additional information, please call 801-422-4278.

Posted: 2009-08-01