J. Reuben Clark Law Society

Addressing Issues for Good Around the World

To conclude the 2010 J. Reuben Clark Law Society Conference, members of the Society listened to William F. Atkin, Associate General Counsel to the LDS Church, to discuss some legal issues the Church foresees in the near future and how members of the Law Society can give service.

“I have a vision of ten thousand lawyers around the United States and Canada who volunteer and use their talents, skills, and knowledge to educate others on the principles of religious liberty,” Atkin said.

Atkin explained the organization of the Church’s area legal counsel and encouraged members of the Law Society to give service when able.

Some current trends Atkins discussed that may adversely affect the Church included taxation and tax-exempt status, financial transparency, funding and decline of US dollar, data privacy regulation, immigration restrictions specifically missionary visas, anti-discrimination legislation including employment and temple worthiness, general secularism (governments becoming neutral to religion), and technology crimes including cyber attacks.

Atkins asked members of the Law Society for their help and expertise in these important issues. He encouraged members to volunteer their time and resources in service to the Church.

"Every time we have a need for area legal counsel, an individual comes to me prompted by the spirit to give service in the Kingdom," Atkin said.

To conclude his presentation, Atkin invited some of the currently serving area legal counsel to share their experiences and thoughts about giving legal service.

Posted: March 01, 2010