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Catholic Chairs JRCLS Chapter In Brazil

The third JRCLS chapter in Brazil recently opened in Curitiba, the eighth largest city in Brazil with approximately a population of 1.8 million people. The new  Brazil South Chapter has thirteen members.  Dr. Odacyr Prigol graciously accepted the invitation of Greg Clark, Brazil’s Area Legal Counsel for the LDS Church, to serve as chapter president.  Prigol has been practicing law for approximately 30 years. He specializes in civil, labor, and tax law. He is married with two children, ages 19 and 22.
What makes Prigol and other chapter members different from most other JRCLS chapters is their diverse religious affiliations.  Prigol explained that chapter members include four Catholics (including him), two “Spirits,” one Evangelist, and six Latter Day-Saints. “Spiritism” is a religion founded in the 19th century, and is most commonly known in France and in Brazil.
Prigol hopes to influence people by teaching them moral values. Early in his career, he volunteered at a government agency assisting people with low incomes. This created in him a desire to provide pro bono services to others. “When I provide legal volunteer services, I feel that it’s a way to thank God for having the capacity, the intuition, and the legal discernment to work in this area, which I consider as a gift,” explains Prigol.
Prigol hopes that the chapter will attract other professionals who will help with pro bono projects.  He also hopes to help make the Law Society better known and to help as many people as they can. To this end, the chapter has an agreement with the Parana Public Defenders to assist the needy in matters relating to family law and estate succession.  Prigol believes that programs like these will increase exposure of the chapter, which he hopes will increase membership.  Prigol also plans to use social networks and other publicity venues to get the word out.
By Julie Smith

Posted: July 9, 2014