J. Reuben Clark Law Society

Profiles in Service

This section lists members of the Law Society who have recently been recognized for community or legal accomplishments and service, including LDS Church service.  As always, please send the media committee an update if you would like to see someone noted in Profiles in Service. You can email us at mediacommittee@jrcls.org
Past JRCLS international chair Joseph Ivins Bentley has been called to serve as president of the Newport Beach, California temple.  His wife, Marilyn Ann Brown Bentley, will be temple matron.
Frederick Froerer III of Huntsville, Utah, has been called as president of the Ogden, Utah temple. His wife, Kathleen Silver Larsen Froerer, will be temple matron.  Preisdent Froerer is assistant city attorney for Ogden City. 
Gregory Beesley Maxwell has been called to serve as a counselor in the Bountiful Utah North Stake presidency.  Brother Maxwell is an attorney at Tombs Maxwell, LLP.  His wife is Sunny Lyn Smith Maxwell.
Douglas William Desmarais has been called to serve as a counselor in the Baltimore, Maryland Stake.  Brother Desmarais is an attorney and partner at Smith & Downey, PA. His wife is Julia Mietus Desmarais,
Peter Joseph Krumholz has been called as the president of the Denver, Colorado Stake. President Krumholz is an attorney with Hale Westfall, LLP.  His wife is Lyssa Rachelle Dewey.
Compiled by Amber Brown

Posted: July 9, 2014