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Brazil Northeast Chapter Annual Dinner: Another Outstanding Success

More than sixty chapter members, spouses, and special guests gathered in Recife for the Brazil Northeast Chapter’s annual dinner on 29 August 2014. All in attendance enjoyed the opportunity to network, the spirit of fellowship, and the uplifting comments by two speakers.

Aroldo Cavalcante, Brazil Northeast Chapter Chair, reported on the pro bono efforts of thirty-two lawyers who served eighty elderly residents of Paulista’s City on 31 May 2014. Because of the chapter’s service, the government became aware that these elderly were victims of criminal conduct. Cavalcante shared a letter of appreciation from Dr. Arroxelas of the Pernambuco Prosecutor General’s Office with the chapter.

Keynote speaker Dr. Ricardo Coelho addressed civil and criminal liability that citizens and the government have in protecting the environment, particularly in public buildings, demolition of historic buildings, and non-preservation of original nature. Because of his responsibility as environmental prosecutor in Recife, Dr. Coelho mentioned two significant cases in Recife. First, he discussed increasing numbers of shark attacks in Recife (the second largest in the world and the first in fatalities), which are a direct consequence of the construction of the Port of Suape. The second case he spoke of concerned the current demolition of historic buildings in downtown for the construction of several business and residential towers.

The event was successful thanks to the contributions of Aroldo Cavalcante (Attorney, Chapter Chair), Severino Bezerra (Notary, Chair-Elect), Dr. Ricardo Coelho (Prosecutor and Doctor of Public Law), Paulo de Tarso (Attorney and President of the BAR Association of Jaboatão/Moreno), and Savio Linhares (Director of the LDS Center for Self-Reliance), and Jamille Monteiro (Attorney and Director of Events for Brazil Northeast Chapter) who conducted the meeting.

By Aroldo Cavalcante

Posted: November 10, 2014