J. Reuben Clark Law Society

Profiles in Service

This installment highlights the LDS Church’s Area Legal Counsels (“ALCs”) and their families who accept international assignments to provide legal support for the Church in locations all over the world. Thank you for your willingness and dedication to service. The following ALCs are currently serving:
Africa Southeast Area: Bryan Charles Jackson along with his wife Tina M. Jackson
Africa West Area: Martin Slater along with his wife Jennifer Slater
Asia Area: Rick Page along with his wife Marilee Doxey Page
Brazil Area: Gregory Clark along with his wife Cristina Clark
Caribbean Area: Kevin Kimball along with his wife Jill Kimball
Central America Area: Richard (Dic) Johnson along with his wife Jennifer Johnson
Europe Central/West Area: Michael L. Jensen along with his wife Jean Simmons Jensen
Europe East Area: Brent J. Belnap and his wife Lorinda Belnap
Mexico Area: Stan Martineau along with his wife Susan Peterson Martineau                        
Pacific  Area: Arthur L. Edgson along with his wife DeEtte Edgson
Philippines Area: Victor A. Taylor along with his wife Caroline Taylor
South America Northwest Area: Lonny Townsend along with his wife Lori Townsend
South America South Area: Craig Galli along with his wife Lark Galli    

Two couples also currently serve as Associate ALCs:  Gary and Elizabeth Smith for the Europe East Area and Mike and Diane Wilkins for the Pacific Area. 

Also noteworthy, in September, three LDS attorneys were called to stake presidencies: Jean-Baptiste Nathan Durand, an attorney called to serve as a counselor in the Nice, France Stake; Kristian S. Ravn-Petersen, an assistant attorney called to serve as a counselor in the Arhus, Denmark Stake; and Christopher Allen Newton, a judge, called to serve as a counselor in the Bloomington, Indiana Stake. 

As always, if you know of individuals who are participating in noteworthy service (church callings or otherwise), please let us know! You can email the media committee at jrclsmediacommittee@gmail.com. Please also remember to add our email address to your chapter mailing list so we can highlight the great events that are held at the chapter level. 

By Amber Brown

Posted: November 10, 2014