J. Reuben Clark Law Society

First Women in the Law Service Award Presented to Nancy Van Slooten

During the J. Reuben Clark Law Society’s recent Annual Conference, the International Women in Law Committee (WIL) hosted a reception for all attendees. WIL was pleased to present its first annual WIL Service Award to Nancy Van Slooten for her many years of service to JRCLS, including previously serving as the first female International Chair of the JRCLS. During the reception, WIL Chair Karen Clemes reminded attendees of WIL’s mission: “We affirm the strength and contributions that women lawyers bring to their legal practices, communities, and families. We strive to promote fairness and equal opportunities for these women.” A major goal of WIL is to encourage full participation of women lawyers in JRCLS—whether they are practicing full-time or part-time, working in a non-legal role, or not practicing at this time—and to help them feel welcome and safe in such participation.

For ideas on how to build and extend WIL in your chapters, you can view a presentation by visiting here or by contacting Karen Clemes (kclemes@ancestry.com) or another member of the International WIL.  In addition, please follow WIL’s blog at http://jrclswomen.blogspot.com/ and the Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/JrclsInternationalWomenInTheLaw.

Posted: March 10, 2015