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These are the People in Your JRCLS Neighborhood: Scott Paul, Conference & Events Chair

The JRCLS Newsletter is pleased to continue a series of articles dedicated to learning more about some of the international leadership positions in the J. Reuben Clark Law Society and the people who serve in those positions. Scott Paul is one of two leaders being highlighted in this issue.
JRCLS Newsletter: So tell us a little about yourself—your family, hobbies, schooling, professional career.

Scott Paul: I’m a Washington D.C. native. My wife Tara and I are raising four wonderful children in Orem, Utah, but D.C. will always be my home. I served an LDS mission to Spokane, Washington followed by undergraduate studies and law school at BYU with a stint in between back in Maryland to work at the NASDAQ Stock Market. An externship in the Planned Giving Office at LDS Philanthropies introduced me to the fascinating world of higher education administration. When, like so many law students who graduated during the height of the “Great Recession,” I found myself pursuing a non-traditional legal career, I gravitated toward universities. I took a position Utah Valley University, where I remain today. I have the good fortune of working with the force majeure that is UVU president Matt Holland. I direct his national outreach efforts.

I took up cooking and gardening as recreational therapy during law school—there is nothing so cathartic as composting your Civil Procedure outline. With my love of food and my travel schedule for work, I’ve developed a reputation for knowing the best places to eat around the country.
I’ve always been an avid sports fan, although the last few seasons for BYU have almost cured my football addiction! I love to sing. I was blessed to sing in some excellent choirs in high school and college. Lately, my singing engagements are limited to the sunrise Stewart Falls hike at the Leadership Conference, but some day, I hope to carve out enough time to join the Tabernacle Choir and sing for Mac Wilberg again.

JRCLS Newsletter: How long have you participated with the J. Reuben Clark Law Society and why did you become involved?

Scott Paul: Well, I got into the Law Society for the money. No really! As a 2L at BYU, I took a research assistant position with Mary Hoagland, then the Associate Dean of Alumni and Career Services, I think. My first assignment was to help run the Leadership Conference.

I then transitioned over to Scott Cameron, the Associate Dean of External Relations and Executive Director of the Law Society. I took minutes on the weekly Executive Committee calls and the monthly International Board and Chapter Relations Council calls. I continued in a supporting role for the Leadership Conference. I even got to work with the Law School WebDirect team and database manager on the Law Society’s website and membership records. I was completely immersed in the Law Society, and there has been no looking back.

At the time, I had no idea how fortunate I was to learn from of great Law Society leaders such as Mary, Scott, Joe Bentley, Brent Belnap, Nancy Van Slooten, Doug Bush, Bill Atkin, and Jeremiah Morgan. Scott Cameron, in particular, is still one of my dearest friends and most influential mentors.

JRCLS Newsletter: All that experience appears to have primed you perfectly to assume responsibilities for JRCLS Conference and Events!

Scott Paul: First I became the Vice Chair of the Conference & Events Committee after graduating from law school. I was responsible for the Leadership Conference—a burden made very light by the careful stewardship of two amazing chairs, Josh Randall and Ginny Isaacson.

As a quick, self-interested aside, if you haven’t had the unique privilege of attending a JRCLS Leadership Conference at Aspen Grove, you are missing a choice opportunity. Get involved with chapter or practice section leadership or on an international board committee right now, so you can attend in October 2015. It is a singular experience. There is no better way to more fully capture the grand vision of the Law Society.

JRCLS Newsletter: What are the responsibilities of the Conference & Events Committee Chair?  

Scott Paul: As I take over for Ginny as Chair of the Conference & Event Committee, I will have oversight for four events: the Annual Conference, the Leadership Conference, the Annual Fireside, and BYU Education Week. The Conference & Events Committee is also there to offer support to regional Law Society conferences like those we’ve held in New Zealand, Australia, Africa, Canada, and South America.

I’m grateful for this opportunity to continue to serve the Law Society for the next two years, although the list of responsibilities and the prospect of following exceptional predecessors is extremely daunting. Thankfully, we have great team. Our all-star line-up includes Mary Hoagland (Annual Fireside), Gene Bramhall and Tony Schofield (BYU Education Week), and Lorie Hobbs (Leadership Conference). The local organizers of the Annual Conference also shoulder an immeasurable load each year. Without them, there is no Annual Conference.

I’m afraid I don’t have any parting inspirational message. But how about a promotional one? In case you haven’t heard the announcement, the 2016 Annual Conference will be held in sunny San Diego. I’d love to introduce myself to you in person next Presidents’ Day weekend. See you there!

JRCLS Newsletter: As a P.S., would you mind sharing some of your favorite food stops you mentioned earlier?
Scott Paul: Pretty much everybody loves a good burger, and the best burger I’ve had is at Rehab Burger Therapy in Scottsdale, Arizona. It sounds crazy, but I really like their PB&J bacon burger. Don’t knock it ’til you try it…. Make sure to get sweet potato tots on the side with pineapple teriyaki aioli dipping sauce. Ilili in Manhattan's Flatiron District may be my favorite non-street food dining experience in New York. It takes the tapas (small plate) approach to Lebanese food. Arrive early and hungry. Finally, close to home, I love Red Iguana in Salt Lake City. Go to the Red Iguana 2 location on South Temple (same menu but without the dive feel and extreme waits). Arrive before 6:00 p.m. if you can, bring a group of family/friends, everyone order a different mole, and then share.

By Danielle Dallas

Posted: March 10, 2015