J. Reuben Clark Law Society

Excited to be on Board: Welcome to the New Student Chapters Chair, Courtney Hagge

The JRCLS Newsletter is pleased to continue a series of articles dedicated to learning more about some of the international leadership positions in the J. Reuben Clark Law Society and the people who serve in those positions. Courtney Hagge is one of two leaders being highlighted in this issue.
JRCLS Newsletter: Tell us a little about yourself—your schooling, family, hobbies.
Courtney Hagge: I am in my second year at William & Mary Law School in Williamsburg, Virginia. I am originally from the San Francisco Bay Area of California, so I love the beach and warm weather. I also enjoy running, bike riding, skim boarding, baking, and scrapbooking. I attended BYU-Idaho for my undergraduate studies in Political Science where I gained unforgettable memories and met my handsome husband, Landin. I am so blessed to have him at my side through law school; he is my biggest support, and helps keep me sane!
JRCLS Newsletter: What are your feelings as you begin responsibilities as Chair of the Student Chapters Board?
Courtney Hagge: I am humbled, but thrilled at the opportunity of serving as the next Student Chapter Board Chair. I am inspired by the mission of the JRCLS, and look forward to fielding my passion and ideas in the furtherance of that mission. Some of my goals are to: a) maximize student participation in the fall Leadership Conference and the spring Annual Conference; b) organize additional networking opportunities, inspiring students and attorneys to collaborate more with one another; and c) strengthen existing student chapters and assist with the creation of new chapters. I am extremely passionate about instigating great advances in strengthening the JRCLS from a student level; therefore, I welcome any ideas, concerns, and other input from students and attorneys alike.
JRCLS Newsletter: Why did you choose to become involved with the Law Society when there are so many other opportunities vying for your time as a law student?
Courtney Hagge: The JRCLS has been a perfect outlet for me as a budding public servant. From the moment I came to William & Mary as an admitted student, the local JRCLS student members welcomed me with open arms and helped me feel comfortable as a shy 1L. This fellowship is a major reason that I wanted to participate in the JRCLS and inspire other students to develop relationships with their chapter members as well. So, I quickly became involved in the leadership of my student chapter. After assisting in the creation of the William & Mary Student Chapter’s Women in Law (WIL) Section, attending a regional WIL conference in Washington, DC, and orchestrating our first two events, I am hopeful that I can assist other schools in creating WIL Sections as well. It is tremendously rewarding work. Last summer I accepted a position as the Atlantic Area Regional Representative and had the chance to connect with many local student and attorney chapters in that capacity, as well as attend the October Leadership Conference.
After interacting with many admirable attorneys in my JRCLS experience thus far, I cannot wait to work with them and many others, while adding my own input to strengthening the Society.
By Courtney Hagge and Danielle Dallas

Posted: March 10, 2015