J. Reuben Clark Law Society

Tijuana Celebrates Formation of New Chapter

Attendees of inaugural Tijuana Chapter Meeting.  Chair Mirna Mora seated front row, third from left
It all started with a little bit of inspiration. At the recent Leadership Conference in October, 2015, Area Legal Counsel over Mexico, Kevin Kimball, felt impressed that the Law Society had the potential to bless a country as large and diverse as Mexico. After inspiration came perspiration. Brother Kimball and Elder Emron Pratt, Associate Area Legal Counsel over Mexico, worked to identify any areas in Mexico that would be ideally suited to form a chapter. Tijuana was chosen, and it soon became apparent that there was a strong interest. Kimball and Pratt coordinated their meetings to form a chapter alongside events for the dedication of the Tijuana Temple.
In December, their perspiration paid off with yet more inspiration at the inaugural Chapter meeting with over thirty attendees. Mirna Mora was presented as Chapter Chair, and she delivered a powerful message about the tremendous good that the Chapter could provide. Brother Kimball spoke about opportunities for community service and preserving religious freedom. Elder Paul Pieper, first Counselor in the Mexico Area Presidency for the LDS Church, discussed the impact for good when we utilize our legal training. As a compelling example of this, a video was shown about Deano Ware, an attorney for Hosanna-Tabor Evangelical Lutheran Church, who was called upon to defend it’s religious freedom. His efforts culminated in a unanimous United States Supreme Court ruling in the Church’s favor.
Chairwoman Mora took care of initial housekeeping matters by discussing formation of a board of directors, eliciting volunteers for board positions, and deciding upcoming events. Says Mora, “It is very gratifying to have the opportunity to direct the creation of a JRCLS chapter. I am grateful to have the support of great leadership. I do not come to change anything, just to continue with the example of study, preparation, service and excellence that previous chapters have already established, and to continue providing success stories in these areas. My goal is to end this year on a solid foundation, and to be a strong, visible, and reliable chapter in our community.”
By Julie Smith, Media Committee

Posted: February 2, 2016