J. Reuben Clark Law Society

Hunger in Mexico, But not for Food

The J. Reuben Clark Law Society continues to grow in Mexico at a remarkable pace. On February 5, 2016, a new JRCLS Chapter was established in Monterrey, bringing the total number of chapters in Mexico to four. The creation of the Monterrey Chapter reflects the inspiration and enthusiasm that is rapidly spreading the Law Society’s influence across Mexico.

Until December 2015, the JRCLS had only one chapter in Mexico, located in Mexico City. The Tijuana Chapter was established in December after Kevin Kimball, Area Legal Counsel over Mexico, felt inspired that additional chapters in Mexico would bless the country. Tijuana was selected as an ideal location for a new chapter and interest proved to be strong, but interest is also flourishing in other parts of the country. The Mexico City Chapter has been invigorated under the leadership of current chapter president Samuel Morales, and the success of that chapter has directly influenced the creation of the new Queretaro and Monterrey chapters.  After attending a meeting of the Mexico City Chapter in November, Aurora Castillo, an attorney in Queretaro, was so inspired by the JRCLS that she promptly invited nearly twenty local attorneys to join. As a result, the new Queretaro Chapter was organized and held its inaugural meeting on January 16, 2016.   

Upon learning from Castillo about developments in Queretaro, Cuauhtemoc Gonzalez, a former stake president in Monterrey, immediately organized a team to identify and invite local attorneys to learn about the JRCLS. Approval for the chapter was granted and thirty-eight attorneys and law students attended the chapter's inaugural meeting held February 5 at the Mitras Stake Center.

At the meeting, Elder Emron Pratt, Associate Area Legal Counsel over Mexico, formally organized the chapter and presented Brother Gonzalez as the chapter's president. Elder Pratt then gave an overview of the Law Society with emphasis on its two primary purposes: community service and promotion of religious liberty. Grace Melendez presented the video "Religious Freedom--Making a Difference," with Spanish transcripts provided. Brother Gonzalez then led a lively discussion and PowerPoint presentation on organizing the chapter and planning activities. The new chapter immediately went to work, organizing its executive board and holding an activity to provide training for those interested in applying for positions with the local district council offices.

President Cuauhtemoc Gonzales, front row, fourth from left

Commenting on the recent growth of the Law Society in Mexico, Brother Kimball said, "There seems to be a hunger in Mexico on the part of LDS attorneys and law students (and non-LDS attorneys and law students of similar values) to join forces with others and make a real difference in their communities. JRCLS is answering this desire in a remarkable way."

By Wendy Jerdon, Media Committee

Posted: March 29, 2016