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Sharing Religious Liberty in 30 Seconds

Let’s face it. Religious liberty is a topic that is very important to many of us. But we also feel that we don’t have the time, expertise or capacity to make a difference. Don’t fall into that thinking trap! The outcome of this contest of ideas will not be determined in some courtroom or even a legislative hall. Rather, it will ultimately be determined in the minds and hearts of the people. And how are people persuaded today?  By short, powerful messages.  


The Law Society’s Religious Freedom Committee’s 2015 Religious Liberty in 30 Seconds Contest created an opportunity for you to share your voice. Over 150 entries were submitted. Did you see the winning entries?  You can view them at the links listed below.   

The contest showed that one does not need to be a scholar, politician, judge or (heaven forbid) even an attorney to sustain and defend religious liberty. Rather, "great things" can come from "small and simple" ideas: Book of Mormon, Alma 37:6.
The good news is that you will have an opportunity in the future to let your voice be heard. Don’t feel discouraged if you feel technically incapable of pairing a succinct statement with some resonating visual. There were several non-winning entries which, when matched by one of our judges to a photo, created a compelling message about religious freedom.  

JRCLS Religious Freedom Committee’s 2015 Religious Liberty in 30 Seconds Contest winners and honorable mentions: http://www.jrcls.org/?folder=religious_freedom&page=30secondswinners
You can also see other submissions:  http://www.jrcls.org/?folder=religious_freedom&page=other_submissions

By: Michael D. Fielding

Posted: May 27, 2016