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Mexico Celebrates Opening of Fifth Law Society Chapter

Close to Guatemala, the southern Mexican state of Chiapas features mountainous highlands, dense rainforest, with Mayan archaeological sites and Spanish colonial towns. Chiapas is home to over 3 million Mexicans.  And as of this month, it is also home to a newly formed Law Society Chapter. Making it the fifth in Mexico, the Tuxtla Gutierrez Chapter was organized in the city of Tuxtla Gutierrez, although attendees came from as far away as Tapachula (near the border with Guatemala), Ocosingo, and other cities in the state of Chiapas. Virgilio Gonzalez, the newly installed president of the chapter, handpicked 21 individuals who he knew to be committed to serving the public and invited them to the initial meeting. To his delight, they all came! The group drew from a wide array of people, including both LDS and non LDS attorneys, men and women, government representatives, and the office of religious affairs which handles disputes among religious groups.  

For their inaugural meeting, the group met in a conference room in a hotel,where Gonzalez treated attendees with JRCLS mugs and pens, as they discussed the plans for the chapter’s future. In addition to serving the underprivileged in Chiapas, Gonzalez hopes to work with “Conciencia Nacional por la Libertad Religiosa" (National Awareness for  Religious Freedom), a Mexican non-profit entity to have a religious liberty event in Chiapas and address pressing local issues related to religious liberty. Attendee Kevin Kimball, Mexico Area Director of the Law Society, was amazed at their collective devotion to serving those with needs and limited resources. Says Kimball, “Each person is already working in their own sphere of influence to do much good and they all expressed a strong desire to be part of the JRCLS and have the opportunity to work collectively to advance the cause of religious liberty and service to those in need.”

By: Julie Smith, Media Committee

Posted: May 27, 2016