J. Reuben Clark Law Society

Inspired to Go Out and Do Good Things: Women in Law Breakfast
Together at the JRCLS Leadership Conference

Following the traditional Stewart Falls sunrise hike on Friday morning, conference attendees are able to choose a breakfast to attend: general, first-timer, or women in law. These are informal opportunities to spend time with Law Society colleagues outside of the committee or chapter boards with whom we regularly associate. I chose to breakfast with fifteen other women (though men are also welcome!) and I left feeling uplifted and encouraged.

Angel Zimmerman, Chair of the Women in Law Committee, asked each of the attendees to introduce herself, her role within the Law Society, and her professional background. I was pleasantly surprised to realize the variety of personalities, backgrounds, and employment represented in a room of just sixteen women from law students to those working in traditional law firms to public interest groups, university general counsel, dean, and even a mayor. Some were mothers, some never married, some were young, a few were at the end of their legal careers. As each of my “sisters in the law” shared a little about herself, they offered some spontaneous advice and insights about a woman’s application of a legal education:

  • Listen to the inner voices of the Lord and yourself. Don’t be afraid to make changes and adjustments [professionally]. As women we need to be especially attuned.

  • The law is a fantastic and somewhat unparalleled venue to train women to use their voices.

  • The opportunities to use our legal training may arise unexpectedly—including being advocates for our children

  • “I can do it all, but I can’t do it all at once.” (my personal favorite!)

Zimmerman concluded the breakfast by sharing some of her recent experiences as she has interacted with women from other organizations who learn of her involvement with the JRCLS Women in Law and are very, very interested in what we are doing. I glimpsed the interconnectedness we share--not just of those in that room, or even within the Law Society--but the web of compassionate, faithful women throughout the world who want to use their legal education to bless humanity one family, one community, one issue at a time. I was renewed to attune myself to figure out my place in this effort, and to follow Zimmerman’s call to action: “Let’s go out and do good things.”

By Danielle Dallas, Media Committee


Posted: November 17, 2016