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Report of Third Annual JRCLS Regional Conference in Brazil

The third annual conference of the Law Society in Brazil was held on July 20-22 in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais State. The three-day event was a remarkable experiences for all the attendants.

From L-R Odacyr Prigol, Judge Randell Wilkinson, Denison Parreira, Aroldo Cavalcante, Rex Shumway

On the first day, there were four speakers. JRCLS South America Area Director
Aroldo Cavalcante spoke about the two pillars of the the Law Society; promoting pro bono legal service and the defense of religious freedom. Rex Shumway, Associate Area Legal Counsel for the LDS Church in Brazil, gave an address about the life, career and ecclesiastical leadership of J. Reuben Clark Jr. Odacyr Prigol, JRCLS Brazil Curitiba Chapter Chair, spoke about the preservation of labor contracts in religious organizations. Finally, keynote speaker Judge Randell L. Wilkinson of the California Superior Court (Ret.) gave a brilliant talk about resolving conflicts with mediation.
From L-R Luis Lessa, Erisvaldo Santos, Denison Parreira, Douglas McAllister
On the second day, participants were treated with remarks by Fábio Nascimento, JRCLS Brazil São Paolo Chapter Chair; Erisvaldo Santos, Professor and Post-Doctor in Ethnic Minority Rights; and keynote speaker
 Douglas McAllister, Area Legal Counsel in Brazil for the LDS Church. Their addresses focused on religious freedom, tolerance among different religions and state interference in religious organizations. In the end, there was a productive and contentious debate with several questions asked by attendees. The Women in Law section also met.

Several lawyers of the conference gathered on a beautiful Saturday morning of the third day for an extraordinary pro bono legal project in a needy community in the city of Belo Horizonte. They assisted more than 60 indigent citizens with their legal problems.
All of the attendees were uplifted by the outstanding lectures and enjoyed socializing with each other at the conference. What moved everyone the most, however, was pro bono service.

By Aroldo Cavalcante, JRCLS South America Area Director

Posted: July 31, 2017