J. Reuben Clark Law Society

Newly Revitalized Charlotte North Carolina Chapter Serves
JRCLS Members in the Carolinas

Although formally organized a few years ago, the Charlotte, North Carolina JRCLS chapter had difficulty getting off the ground due to some setbacks. In 2017, current Chapter Chair Boyd Rogers agreed to take the helm, and along with his board, went to work to revitalize the chapter.  

The Charlotte Chapter serves members in both North and South Carolina. Situated between the Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina and Atlanta, Georgia JRCLS Chapters, the chapter serves a large geographic area stretching from roughly Winston-Salem, North Carolina in the north to Columbia, South Carolina in the south and from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina in the east to Greenville, South Carolina in the west. Although most of its participating members live in the greater Charlotte area, the chapter is trying to reach out to Law Society members and potential members in other areas of their region.

The chapter board is focusing on communication and providing opportunities for social activity, spiritual uplift, and service. The chapter now holds regular activities, with more planned for the future, including lunches and a fireside to watch the replay of Judge Thomas Griffith's address from the annual JRCLS broadcast.

In November, the chapter held a fireside featuring D. Gordon Smith, Dean of J. Reuben Clark Law School. Approximately thirty guests enjoyed hearing Dean Smith relate his spiritual journey from his childhood in Wisconsin, where one of his best friends was LDS, to his experience as a non-LDS student at BYU, his pathway to conversion to the LDS faith, his subsequent baptism and service as a full-time missionary, and eventually, his career in the law. Dean Smith shared his testimony that Heavenly Father had a personal interest in him from an early age and gave him experiences that would place him on a path of service and conversion. He strongly counseled that nobody should ever doubt that doors are opened when we allow the Spirit to work in our lives and have courage to follow its promptings.

Jeff Blake, Mark Matthews, and Adam Smith with his boys
Chapter members and their family members also recently joined efforts with "Hands on Charlotte," participating in an annual "Service Juris Day." The chapter joined local law firms for a day of hands-on, physical "non-attorney" labor, which included landscaping, painting, planting, and weeding at a local elementary school.

Board members are striving to build an organization that will be permanent and continue to grow. The board plans to retain former chairs as advisors on the board after they complete their term of service. Rogers will remain on the board at the end of his term, and they hope to expand the board from three to five members over the next few years. Chair-elect Holly Simpson, who attended law school as a "non-traditional" student while raising a family and working as a licensed social worker and family therapist, will bring her leadership to the chapter as it continues to move forward and bless the lives of chapter members and their community.

By Wendy Jerdon, Media Committee


Posted: January 31, 2018