Life in the Law: Religious Conviction (2013)
Table of Contents

James R. Rasband


D. Todd Christofferson
Law and Becoming

Elizabeth A. Clark
Becoming a Fruitful Tree: Christ and the Limits of Legal Thinking

Bruce C. Hafen
Ambiguity in Law and in Life

James R. Rasband
Unto Whom Much Is Given

Cecil O. Samuelson
Testimony of Jesus Christ


J. Reuben Clark Jr.
To Them of the Last Wagon

Quentin L. Cook
Latter-day Saint Lawyers and the Public Square

David Dominguez
A Walk of Thanksgiving

Carl S. Hawkins
The Work of Serving Others

Steven E. Snow
Musings of a Small-Town Lawyer

Seth P. Waxman
Civic Virtue


Mehrsa Baradaran
Education Multipliers

Ming W. Chin
Liberty, Civility, and Professionalism

Robert M. Daines
Lock In: Loved Ones and Lawyers

Annette W. Jarvis
Serve God, Love Me, and Mend

John W. Welch
The 21st Century as the Century of Duties?


Scott W. Cameron
Repairers of the Breach

L. Whitney Clayton
He Answered Discreetly

Matthew B. Durrant
The Lawyer as Peacemaker

Kristin B. Gerdy
The Heart of Lawyering: Clients, Empathy, and Compassion

H. Reese Hansen
We Are to Love God and Our Neighbors

Brett G. Scharffs
The Most Important Three Things in the World


Larry Echo Hawk
Empowered by Education and Vision

Monroe G. McKay
Hysteria and the Bill of Rights

Thomas D. Morgan
Heroes for Our Time: Going Beyond Ethical Codes

Dallin H. Oaks
Preserving Religious Freedom

David A. Thomas
A Law Upon Which All Blessings Are Predicated

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