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The purpose of the Sections is to promote the mission of the Law Society. Sections can provide another mechanism for fulfilling this mission by facilitating the association of an atorney or law student with other lawyers and law students interested in a particular area of the law or of the legal profession. This purpose can be accomplished by:


Chapters are organized geographically. It is advantageous for lawyers to connect by area of practice or legal profession. Not all geographic areas have a significant number of lawyers practicing in each area of law. Throughout the Law Society there are sufficient numbers of lawyers practicing in any one area of law to provide a reasonable network. Providing a network for Law Society members practicing in the same area of law allows members to strengthen and support each other.


The Law Society has organized "Sections" according to specific areas of law and of the legal profession. Click here for a list of current Sections. Each Section Chair is a member of the Sections Committee. The Sections Committee Chair oversees the Sections and assigns a secretary to maintain notes, agendas, and member listings, and facilitate communication through LinkedIn.

Section Chairs seek to:

Sections are encouraged to be innovative within the scope of appropriate activity consistent with the 501(c)(3) status and mission of the Law Society, including maintaining political neutrality [LINK]. The Executive Committee may approve or disapprove of any particular Section activity. If Sections wish to meet in person, they should meet in connection with legal conferences at which their members are likely to be in attendance already, such as the Law Society Annual Conference, and conferences consistent with the Section’s area of law (ABA, AIPLA, ACC, etc.). Sections should respect and not compete with activities of local Chapters.

Section Chairs will report quarterly on the activities of their group. They will meet quarterly via conference call with the Chair of the Law Society's Sections Committee to exchange ideas, report on activities and discuss plans.

Sections are open to lawyers and law students who are members of the Law Society. Sections should welcome those not currently practicing law. Law Society members can join more than one Section.