J. Reuben Clark Law Society
  • BYU Education Week

    Continuing Legal Education classes at Education Week are sponsored by the J. Reuben Clark Law Society and are available to registered Education Week participants.
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  • 2019 Leadership Conference

    Registration for 2019 Leadership Conference is now open! The conference will be held on October 3-4, 2019, at BYU and Aspen Grove.
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  • From Harper Lee's Book to Idaho's Highest Court, JRCLS Member's Ascent

    For most people, 10th grade is anything but life-changing. But for a young Gregory Moeller, this is where it all began. His unique journey to becoming the 58th Idaho Supreme Court Justice commenced with Harper Lee's To Kill A Mockingbird.
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  • Dilley Pro Bono Project

    Extraordinary Service Opportunity! Dilley Detention Center- November 10-15, 2019. The J. Reuben Clark Law Society is teaming up with the Dilley Pro Bono Project & AILA/Council Immigration Justice Campaign to provide pro bono legal services to women and children currently housed in the South Texas Family Residential Facility in Dilley, Texas.
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