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Letter from the Chair

Welcome to the J. Reuben Law Clark Law Society website. This is the internet home of a rapidly growing society of lawyers and law students with chapters developing all over the world. We hope you will join with us in living and promoting our mission statement, which reads:

We affirm the strength brought to the law by a lawyer’s personal religious conviction. We strive through public service and professional excellence to promote fairness and virtue founded upon the rule of law.

I am very excited about serving as the International Chair of the J. Reuben Clark Law Society and hope to continue all the great work being done in the Law Society. As a result of Jeremiah Morgan’s membership drive this year, 500 attorneys and students joined the Law Society and we saw incredible international growth. We had successful international regional conferences and a Women in Law conference in California. We created a new Religious Freedom Committee. This year I hope to continue these efforts with a focus on mentoring and integrating law students in our chapters and committees. I look forward to working with Courtney Hagge, our Student Chapters Board Chair, on creative ways to extend our outreach to law students.

We will hear from Secretary Mike Leavitt on January 15, 2016, at our Annual JRCLS Fireside in Salt Lake. Please plan on attending if you live in the area or attend your local chapter’s broadcast. I also encourage attorneys and students to come to the Annual Conference in San Diego on February 11-13, 2016. This is a unique conference where panelists and speakers discuss faith and religious convictions along with other legal topics. It is an environment of love and learning in the law. I believe that now more than ever we need individuals who strive to live the mission statement of the Law Society.

There are many opportunities to serve and learn in the Law Society. Please contact me or any of the committee leaders if you are interested in helping on a committee or in your chapter. I have been so blessed by my membership in the Law Society. I have seen great examples of law and leadership and met wonderful people and felt my testimony grow as a result. I hope the Law Society can be a blessing in your life as well.

All the best,

Ginny Isaacson
J. Reuben Clark Law Society
Chairman of the Board