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Litigation Chair:
Cathleen Heintz
Wilson Elser Moskowitz Edelman & Dicker, LLP
1225 17th St., Suite 2750
Denver, CO 80202
Phone: (303)572-5321


Welcome to the Litigation Section of the JRCLS!  Instructions on joining the Section are at the bottom of this page.

Section Mission:

The Litigation Section is dedicated to furthering the JRCLS mission of finding strength in the law through individual lawyers’ personal religious convictions.  As a resource for its members, the Section seeks to: (1) inspire, (2) connect, and (3) mentor lawyers whose practice involves resolving disputes in an adversary forum, while (4) expanding the Section’s membership and influence throughout the JRCLS.

Section Initiatives:

To achieve its objectives, the Section pursues four initiatives, tied to each of its four areas of focus:

1.     INSPIRE“The Christ-like Litigator”—a monthly publication to Section members, focused on a brief message that inspires Section members to incorporate a particular attribute of Christ into their daily work as litigators.

2.     CONNECT: Section Member Highlights—a monthly highlight of three individual Section members, distributed to the entire Section and designed to promote referrals and resource-sharing throughout the Section.

3.     EXPAND5-for-5 Section Member Outreach—a monthly challenge issued  to five designated Section members to find and invite five litigators in their sphere of influence (e.g., firm, ward, stake, community) to join our Section ranks within the month.

4.     MENTOR: Young Litigator’s Shepherd Programa mentor program offered within the Section, by which students and members with less than five years’ experience are paired with more senior litigators as a mentoring resource.

Section Leadership and Organization:

·         Section Leadership:

o    Chair  (2 year term)

o    Chair-Elect and Vice-Chair over 5-for-5 Member Outreach Initiative  (1 year term, following 1 year as Vice-Chair over either Member Highlight or Young Litigator’s Shepherd Program initiative.)

o    Vice-Chair over Member Highlight Initiative (1 year term)

o    Vice-Chair over Young Litigator’s Shepherd Program Initiative (1 year term)

o    Executive Secretary/Student Liaison (1 year term)

o    Immediate Past Chair (1 year term)

·         Section Organization

o    A vacancy in the Section Chair position is filled by the Chair-Elect.

o    Vacancies in Section leadership positions, other than the Section Chair, are filled by the Section Chair.  Nominations to serve in Section leadership positions may be advanced to the Section Chair by any Section member (including self-nominations) or by Officers of the JRCLS.

o    Members of Section Leadership participate in quarterly conference calls, scheduled and initiated by the Section Chair.

o    One or more members of Section leadership attend the annual JRCLS Annual Conference.

o    One or more members of Section leadership attend the JRCLS Leadership Conference.


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