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LDS Legal Professionals

As an LDS Legal Professional, What Can I Do to Promote Religious Freedom?

  1. Educate yourself
    1. Learn why religious freedom matters and is threatened today.
    2. Learn about potential threats to religious freedom in your area of practice.
    3. Learn the perspectives of others to enable respectful, civil dialogue.
    4. Stay abreast of what is happening in your area of practice and community.

  2. Engage in your profession and community
    1. Pursue excellence and enhance your credibility in your chosen practice area, whatever it may be.
    2. Cultivate social and professional networks.
    3. Participate actively in legal and governmental institutions.
    4. Become involved in your community: run for office, volunteer, be neighborly.
    5. Put yourself in a position so that when you say something on an important matter it will make a difference.

  3. Watch for developments
    1. When you learn of a substantial development affecting religious freedom, alert Kirton McConkie [801-350-7634; religiousfreedom@kmclaw.com]
    2. Very occasionally, a national organization, such as the Church, may become involved, contact you, or seek your help. (Be patient; decisions take time!)

  4. Stand up for religious freedom in your individual capacity
    1. Regardless of whether the matter attracts a national organization's attention, raise your own voice on issues that affect religious freedom. You need not wait for permission or instructions to speak up or take action, on your own, to promote religious freedom.
    2. Inform others.
    3. Connect with like-minded people.
    4. CAUTION: Whether on your own or informally with others, never imply that you represent an organization unless you are specifically authorized to do so; avoid even the appearance of a representation. This includes the Law Society itself, which does not take positions on specific issues. Authorization to speak on behalf of the Law Society would require approval from the Law Society Board of Directors.

  5. Be an example of the believers
    1. Live your faith so that others-inside and outside your professional circles-will see your good works, experience your genuine love and friendship, and feel the Spirit working through you.
    2. Show respect for the beliefs of others and act with dignity as disciples of Jesus Christ.

  6. Support organizations that promote religious freedom
    1. Give of your time or resources to credible organizations that promote religious freedom. There are many organizations across the political spectrum that advocate for or defend religious freedom through litigation, political activism, or educational outreach. Virtually all organizations heavily depend on donations and volunteers.